原文:But if your domain name is currently with Google Domains, things recently became complicated. You may have heard that your account has been sold to Squarespace. Everything is expected to transfer and close later this year.
Fortunately for you, you’re not locked into that deal. And we think we can do better. For the first million domains that move from Google to, we’ll pay your transfer fee, which also extends your registration for an additional year.

但如果您的域名目前在 Google Domains 中,那么最近事情就变得复杂了。您可能听说您的帐户已被出售给 Squarespace。一切预计将在今年晚些时候转移并关闭。
对你来说幸运的是,你并没有被锁定在这笔交易中。我们认为我们可以做得更好。对于从 Google 转移到 的前 100 万个域名,我们将向您支付转移费,这也会将您的注册期限再延长一年。



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